93 Princess Highway Rosedale Vic, 3847. 0418513108

Rosedale Caravan Sales

Hi Everyone over the next couple of weeks i will be building a new website sorry i needed to do that

Thanks for your patience we are open   7 days  a week  0418513108   TEXT  is a preference so we retain a record

Also please understand we no longer have a Landline i have shut it down only the mobile from now on 0418513108

For Facebook users  our entire stock will be attached to our Facebook Shop  Link Below i will keep it updated until i am

Ready to ad them here Thanks so much to everyone, the other website was causing some problems and needed to go

so i will build this website when i have the time to do so,  Total SECURITY is my first priority

For those who are on facebook a full list of Current Stock is on Link Below